The best of Haiti is outside of Haiti.


Why buying the book or the t-shirt?

1. This book is the only solution that is presented to address Haiti’s problems. And this book is the only solution that has never been presented by anyone before.

2. 75% of the profit we make either on the book or the t-shirt will be given to either:
     a) The three organizations that we have suggested be set up to save Haiti.
     b) The organization that may have a better solution than the one we have suggested in our books.
     c) To the leaders of Haiti as a contribution to the reconstruction of the National Palace. Only when they clearly show that they’re going to rebuild the Palace.
     (Details are also given to the “Beneficiary” chapter)

3. 10 people (one from each department of Haiti, but MUS be living in Canada or in the USA) are invited to be in charge of that money.

4. 25% of the profit will be distributed between the author and the people who will be constantly engaged in encouraging others to buy either the book or the t-shirt

5. Buy this book because there is no better solution than the one that we have described in this manual to rescue Haiti. YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

How does it work?

• As you buy the book or the t-shirt, the publisher will send you the item you have requested
• The publisher will take a portion of the money you pay
• What is left is what we call the profit
• As we take off the tax
• 75% will go where it supposes to be going
• 25% will go its way

Why the books / T-shirts is so expensive?

• It requires sacrifices to rescue Haiti. The good news is that we will do it without any life lost.
• Your money is a contribution.
• We pray that you value the book and what you see on the t-shirt. But remember that you are contributing to redeem Haiti.

I am not Haitian, why should I buy the book/t-shirt?

You may have been born in a different country, but you are simply a citizen of this world. The world makes you think you belong to a certain society. You are NOT. You are simply a citizen of this world. The time will come soon where you and I will go back to where we came from. And the question will be what you and I have done in making this world better?

Having a degree – Having a good career – Having a nice family – Going to church every Sunday – Being polite to people all the time, all of that may help. But if all disappear in the memory of the generations to come right after you die, that tells us something. Maybe what you did wasn’t on a solid grown. What do you think?

  • Abraham Lincoln is living among us through what he has done. AND we believe he’s living in heaven as well!
  • Mother Theresa is living among us through what he has done. AND we believe she’s living in heaven as well!
  • Nelson Mandela Lincoln is living among us through what he has done. AND we believe he’s living in heaven as well!
  • And so on.

Why can’t we? Don’t you want to commit to challenging their effort? Don’t let circumstances dictate what you can and cannot do.

OUR prayers

  • Are for those who may not be interested in buying either the book or the t-shirt but to dedicated to making a donation to support our cause.
  • Are for you to help us make our cry heard among all the Leaders, all the Superstars, and all the Artists so that we can overcome this poverty that invades these powerless people of Haiti. Please let them know for us, if they come with us we will be stronger.

Final Note

How long do you have to live?

How do you want people to remember you after you die?

What is your legacy?

There are too many things you can do to build your legacy.

Make sure people remember you when you leave this earth.

That’s what Christianity is all about!

You enter heaven where God receives you with open hands. And the people you left behind simply want more of you.

What is your legacy?

Let the change we bring to Haiti be our legacy. Let’s make generations that are to come acknowledge our generation.

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