The best of Haiti is outside of Haiti.


Event 1:

Let us begin with the Poor

Making a miracle happens for the poorest of your family

The poorest of your family needs you to make a miracle happen for him/her…

Who is the poorest in your family?

Might it be Glostha,




Or Zoubla?

I don’t know!!! Who is t I don’t know!!! Who is the poorest in your family?

I want to sign up, sign up only, to eventually give $100 to the poorest of your family.

You MUST also sign up to CONTRIBUTE $100 as well. ($US ONLY)

We will allow 6 months for other people to sign up with us.

As people sign up, there will be a high chance that your poorest will receive:

$100 * (the number of people who sign up for your poorest one)

We say high chance because people must contribute first before we can confirm how much money your poorest will receive!

Here is how we will process


  • Before the end of the 6 months, a conference will be planned with all those who sign up.


  • During the conference, we will know who really wants to contribute.


  • One person or two will be selected to receive the contributions


  • When the contributions are received, the selected person/people will confirm the amount received.


  • Another meeting will be held with the contributors and the poorest on our conference line to ensure that the contribution is a surprise and a miracle for our poorest.

What to also remember is this:

Different families can participate

Different people can sign up for the same poorest person

The person you choose in your family for being the poorest may be different from whom your sister/brother may sign up for.

Still, your poorest will receive $100 * the number of people who sign up for your poorest.

My first $100 contribution will be for the first person who sign up in the first circle of 6 months.

For every circle of 6 months, I will contribute $100.

I will not receive money from anybody. I am dedicated to contribute and contribute ONLY.

Be encouraged to help
Let us make “helping people” a daily priority

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