The best of Haiti is outside of Haiti.


Jean Duclair

How can I tell you about my life without telling you about my root; my siblings and my parents? Wouldn’t that be a major mistake? When I first came to earth, it was a poor family who first received me. A very poor family, but a family that was rich in kindness and generosity. For those who know me and my family, they can tell how our resemblance is identical.
I was born in southern Haiti in March 1966 – in the small village of Aubry. It was small but was one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the district of Port-Salut at the time of my childhood. Access to drinking water was difficult, and access to electricity was quite impossible. We were deprived of many things. However, many people of my generation had made it through. To tell you who I really am, I must say, I am a survivor of the terrors, the misery that invaded Haiti long before I came to earth. I am a survivor who lives in a constant state of revulsion and disgust of this continuous occupation of this misery that has long kidnapped the region of Haiti while there is no one until now to stop this misery.
When I was born, my parents were already old. They were old not just because of their age, but because of their daily hard work to provide the basic needs of life for all the children they had. As fortunate as I was among the eight children after the passing of three brothers, it was my siblings who were there supporting me every step of the way. My parents were old. And truly, if it wasn’t for my siblings, my life would have been totally consumed with contempt.
Gracefully, my sisters Saphire and Rena who were accepted to migrate in Canada, soon after they were established, they created opportunities for me and my two other brothers to travel to Canada.
How can I forget Pierre Magloire and Jean Paul Desire, my two brothers-in-law, for what they have done to support us in Haiti and in Canada? No, I can’t forget. Today, with my brothers and my only sister Rena who lives in Canada after the death of my older sister Saphire, we are witnessing the deprivation of our brothers, our sister Marie, their children and grandchildren by the monstrous poverty that continues to engulf the country.
Families are crumbling! While barriers are erected to prevent them from getting relief.
During my very young age, I didn’t know much about what we now call trauma. Probably Because we were all experiencing the same hidden sickness. And therefore no one could even think of talking about it. Back then, it was a much traumatized environment! What shall we say today?
Over the years, I had wondered about the sudden and early death of many people I knew. But in the end, I realized that most of these premature deaths were caused by the poverty that continues to engulf Haiti.
The generations before my grandparents were victims of poverty in Haiti. My grandparents were victims of poverty in Haiti. My parents were victims of poverty in Haiti. Today, it is my brothers, my sisters, their children and their grandchildren, people who helped me, who are experiencing the same misery but with much more intensity. Do I need to explain further why I declare myself a survivor who experiences a constant state of disgust and revulsion at the misery in Haiti?
I hope you all understand now why I am calling for the unity of all of us so that together we can face this giant monster, misery, which is destroying Haiti.
How can I encourage my Haitian brothers and sisters not to do anything when their families are living under such terrible oppression as mine? How can I encourage my Haitian brothers and sisters to do nothing when I know and I know and I know that we have everything we need to reverse this condition of life? How can I choose to leave the earth, witnessing the suffering of my own people, without denouncing the misery in which they live? How can I leave this earth without trying to do something for the generations to come?
As a Christian, I must confess that I have failed in many areas. But what I am certain of is that failures do not define my future. This is why I continually stand strong to share what God may allow me to share. My close friends share with me the risk of talking about that misery! But as I am concern, death comes only once for every living creature. Nothing will stop me from denouncing this misery.

It’s been now about six years since I wrote these books entitled:
• Avoid the Curse that is Growing into your Local Church
• How Much You Trust Your Lover?
• Solidify the Border of Your Body, Soul, & Spirit
And now these two current ones entitled:
•  The Ultimate Revolutionary Strategy to Rescue Haiti
•  L’Ultime Strategie Revolutionaire pour Racheter Haiti
I appreciate the time I spent in high school at Catherine Flon, Carrefour Port-Price. And I also appreciate the time I spent in college at UQAM in Montreal Canada.
My last experience was when I got divorced in 2020. Marriage is of God. I have to admit that I have failed in my relationship. I have failed. But as far as I am concerned, I will continue believing in marriage until the last breath of my life. That is what I also teach my four beautiful children. I am a family-oriented man. And I will always be.
Never turn your back on your spouse. But always remember that their free choice is always theirs.
My sharing points today; experiences that shape my life.

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